The civil movement in Lebanon, hope for a change 22-23 and 24 April

The “International Centre of Human Sciences” organizes on 22-23 and 24 current April , in collaboration with the German Foundation “Hanns Seidel”, a workshop on the theme “the Civil movement in Lebanon, hope for a change” with the participation

The International Centre for Human Sciences participates in the events of “Tunisia International Book Fair”

Between March 25 and April 3,2016, the 32nd session of “Tunisia International Book Fair” took place in the Exhibitions Palace in El-Karam area, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation, and in which a series of cultural activities

Board Meeting March 11-12

4th annuel board’s meeting 11-12 March

Immigration & Citizenship

The ” International Centre of Human Sciences” hold on 22 and 23 January 2016 a workshop on “immigration and citizenship”

Immigration and Citizenship and the movement of displacement

The “International Centre for Human Sciences” – Jbeil (sponsored by UNESCO), held in cooperation with the German Foundation “Hans Seidel” a workshop entitled “Immigration and Citizenship and the movement of displacement”

Freedom of Thinking and Belief

Under the patronnage of the minister of culture Raymond Araygi, and in association with the “ Arab Philosophy Union”

Autumn School 2015

The International Centre of Human Sciences will open the doors of the Autumn School for this year,on Friday 20 and Saturday October 21 st 2015, and will address the topic of “Concept of the modern state and the factors of failure of its institutions in our society “

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