Hosting a group of students in international studies from Virginia

On Wednesday May 22, we were glad to host students from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the USA coming from different educational backgrounds. The delegation was composed of nine students and their professor Dr. Mayda Topoishian and Ms. Micheline Saade from the Lebanese American University (LAU). They were guests in our historic building during the month of June and they worked on research projects for two days to study and contribute to the mission and vision of CISH.

Saint Catherine of Hombourg (Hombourg-Haut France) in religious tourism in the city of Byblos

The International Center for Human Sciences was delighted to receive today a group of French citizens from the parish community of Saint Catherine of Hombourg (Hombourg-Haut France) in religious tourism in the city of Byblos, accompanied by Reverend Father Samih Raad. Combining religious tourism with archaeological tourism, Dr. Darina Saliba ABI Chedid showed the Center and told them about its history and role, and the significance of its location in one of the oldest cities in the world.

A restricted Meeting in Maçäo, Portugal with CISPH & CISH

On March 7, 2019, UNESCO and the International Council for Philosophy & Human Sciences (CIPSH) organized in Maçäo, Portugal, a restricted one-day meeting of selected guests during which a brainstorming open debate took place, building from the outcome document of the World Humanities Conference taking place in Liège, Belgium in 2017. Among the 20 participants from around the world, CISH Byblos represented by its Director, Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, participated as the only Center from the Middle East and the Arab region. At the end of the meeting, all participants drafted a Declaration.


The UNESCO Beirut regional office visited CISH on 22 February 2019. During their visit, they met with CISH Director Dr Darina Saliba Abi Chedid. Several points were discussed between Dr Abi Chedid and Hamed Alhammami, Director of the UNESCO regional bureau for education in the Arab States, and the UNESCO representative to Lebanon and Syria and Dr Seiko Sugita, Program specialist of Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO Beirut office. Plans and ideas for the near future of the centre were shared as well as a tour to the renovations taking place at CISH was also on the schedule.

Visit of the Hanns Seidel Foundation

The Hanns Seidel Foundation visited CISH on the 19th of February 2019

Mr. Kristof W. Duwaerts, Resident representative at Hanns Seidel Foundation in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Pakistan, Mrs. Ulla Al-Shreideh, Project officer in Jordan at Hanns Seidel Foundation and Mr. Antoine Ghorayeb, Project officer in Lebanon at Hanns Seidel Foundation joined Dr Darina Saliba Abi Chedid director of CISH for a meeting and a tour within the center.

Plans for future projects and collaboration were discussed and agreed upon!

Celebration of the selection of Dr. Saliba Abi Chedid as new Director

On the occasion of the announcement of Dr Darina Saliba Abi Shedid as the new Director of the International Center for Human Sciences, a festive luncheon was held and hosted by Dr Nizar Younes. The ceremony was attended by a number of public figures such as: former minister Edmond Rizk, Archbishop of the Maronites Archbishop Boulos Matar, former minister Karim Baqradouni, New TV “Al Jadid” chairman Tahsin Khayat and the editor-in-chief of “Al-Liwaa” General Salah Salam and Amir Hares Shehab, as well as many journalists and intellectuals.

CISH Board meeting to name the new Director of the Center

ترأس وزير الثقافة الدكتور غطاس الخوري في مكتبه في الوزارة قبل ظهر الاثنين 12 تشرين الثاني ، جلسة لمجلس إدارة “المركز الدولي لعلوم الانسان” في جبيل، تم خلالها اجراء مقابلات عبر “السكايب ” لثمانية مرشحين من “لبنان ، تونس ، ايطاليا والبرازيل” تم تسميتهم في المرحلة النهائية لتولي منصب مدير المركز .

Zayed Sustainability Award

تعتبر جائزة زايد للاستدامة تخليداً لإرث ورؤية الأب المؤسس لدولة الإمارات الشيخ زايد بن سلطان آل النهيان، طيّب الله ثراه، في الحفاظ على البيئة وترسيخ ركائز الاستدامة في العالم. وتكرّم هذه الجائزة السنوية المشاريع التي تمتلك مقومات الابتكار والتأثير والإلهام في خمسة فئات هي: الصحة والغذاء والطاقة والمياه والمدارس الثانوية العالمية.

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