1. The Center aims to study the contemporary man and his relationship with nature and society, in addition to a series of questions, related to development, dialogue and the culture of peace in the world.
  2. The Center, which applies a group of specializations and means that fall under the comprehensive label of Human and Social Sciences, especially sociology, anthropology, history, political sciences, economics, philosophy, human rights, international law and the study of religions, devotes considerable efforts to elucidate the questions raised by education, sciences, technology, the relationship between man and his environment, coexistence among people of different cultures, languages and social systems, the meeting of ancient and modern civilizations, peaceful relations among nations, maintaining peace and security and promoting them in order to ensure the harmonious, spiritual and material development of human groups and social integration, enhance understanding, international, intellectual and moral solidarity to become better, besides promoting the values of tolerance and justice.
  3. The work of the Center would enhance the international cooperation in the field of humanities and social sciences, to achieve national, regional and international influence. To this end, the Center uses proven efficient, appreciated and qualified people.
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