What is the philosophy of religion in the Arab thinking?

Under the patronage and in the presence of His Excellency Culture Minister. Raymond Araygi, and following the invitation of the International Center for Human Sciences – Byblos and the Arab Philosophy Union, an international philosophical colloquium was held on the 10th and 11th of December 2014 under the title: “Where does the Arab thought stand from Philosophy and Religion?” The colloquium was attended by 20 thinkers from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, France, Italy and Lebanon, who work in the philosophy field. The attendees participated in 5 working sessions and their comments revolved around the following topics:

– Philosophy and Religion/ the Meandering Path

– Philosophy, Democracy and Religion

– Philosophy, Religion and Dialogue

– Hermeneutics and Religion

– Religion and Public Domain

– Humanism in Religion

– Truth and Sacred/ in Religious Violence

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