The opening ceremony of the Fabriano Art Exhibition

The opening ceremony of the Fabriano Art Exhibition was held on Friday May 19, 2023, at the premises of the International Center for Human Sciences (CISH)- UNESCO, Byblos, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Lebanon and the Italian Cultural Institute.

The exhibition was inaugurated under the patronage of the Italian Ambassador in Lebanon, Ms. Nicoletta Bombardieri, represented by the Director of the Cultural Office, Dr. Valeria Bionconi. Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, Director of the Center, represented His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada.
Dr. Saliba delivered a speech in which she stressed on the importance of this exhibition and the importance of artistic development and its role in developing the creativity of students and youth.

Then there was a speech by Dr. Bianconi, during which she presented the role played by the Italian Embassy in this program and its importance. She also indicated the importance of enabling an effective cooperation between the Embassy and the Center. There was also a speech by Fabriano’s Manager in Lebanon, Mr. Jean-Claude Nahas, the owner of this cultural initiative.

The exhibition includes a collection of more than 80 artworks on the theme “The Importance of the Contemporary Family in Italy” for students between the ages of 5 and 25. The opening was followed by a cocktail reception held in honor of the invitees. The “Fabriano” exhibition continues to be open to visitors, schools and students from the 22nd to the 29th of this month during weekdays from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon.

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