Conventional Terms and Legal Guide for Youth
Darina Saliba Abi Chedid (Ed.)

The citizen’s awareness of his rights and duties in the surrounding legal and legislative environment is a cornerstone in his journey to achieve properly his social role. Accordingly, the various educational institutions around the world emphasized spreading a good educational awareness among successive generations, in order to reach the supreme social goal that is to achieve university advancement for mankind.

This humanitarian, legal and educational activity is launched in order to enable the rising generations of Lebanon to learn about the most prominent features of the Lebanese legal system.

Amidst the challenges that are facing societies today and their repercussions on the situation of many countries, the International Center for Human Sciences, UNESCO Byblos, sees the need to highlight several legal, political, or economic concepts and terms that are today the core of discussions and seminars in all societies.

Lebanon comes first among the countries where these terms occupy a large part of the discussions, given that Lebanon is under the international microscope, and discussions are extensive trying to explain the terms of terrorism, organized crime, trafficking, child labor, and money laundering notions.

We are trying through this booklet, to introduce these topics and the ways to deal with them in both international and Lebanese law, the problems that limit the ability to eliminate these social crimes, which have become a clear threat to human concepts. The booklet also presents some practical cases that may launch dialogues that urge the reader to further research and thought.

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