A Symposium on the Election System

The “CISH” organized at its headquarters in Byblos on April 14, 2014 a workshop for students in 4th grade of the official school “Al Aahed al Jadeed for girls” in Tripoli, on the theme “the election system, and the political participation in public life.

Drugs a Lethal Poison

As part of its cultural and educational activities the CISH organized at its headquarters in Byblos, in partnership with the “Association of the Lebanese Youth Development- program fight against drugs” and the “National commission against drugs”

Cultures and religions dialogue

Under the patronage and in the presence of Culture Minister Raymond Arayji…

Youth Parliament

The youth parliament and the strengthening of its role in human development, and the consolidation of their participation in public life “was the theme of the workshop organized by the CISH on 19 January 2014.

Role of the Youth in Human Development

The International Centre for Human Sciences, in the presence of the Director of the Centre Dr. Adonis El-Akra and the Head of the Formation of the Citizenship services Department

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