Globethics international conference: Artificial Intelligence: Ethical challenges and societal impacts

The director of the International Center for Human Sciences (CISH) – UNESCO, Byblos – Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, partaken in the Globethics international conference entitled “Artificial Intelligence: Ethical challenges and societal impacts”.
This conference was held on June 12 in Tunisia and witnessed the inauguration of the new MENA office of Globethics. The conference sessions featured the intervention of Professor Fadi Daou, executive director of Globethics, Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid in addition to the panelists, professor Karim Ben Khala, Dr. Christoph Stueckelberger, presided by M. Kamel Ayadi, Former minister and Regional Consul of Globethics Tunis-MENA

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