Culture of democracy: a challenge for schools
Author: Patrice Meyer-Bisch
Publish: 1995
Publisher: UNESCO Publishing
ISBN: 978-92-3-103093-2
Pages: 143

As history has often shown (and it is still the case as we approach the third millennium), knowledge about human rights is insufficient to guarantee their observance in practice. Commitment is needed, real participation, a firm will. Therefore, over the years, the Associated Schools have also developed socio-affective methods which emphasize confidence, respect for others, solidarity, democratic principles, co-operation and communication with a view to ensuring that those rights are respected and implemented. The rapid transition to democracy which is taking place in many countries in this last decade of the twentieth century and the urgent need to resolve conflicts by non-violent means at every level- local, national, sub-regional and international - have resulted in UNESCO ' s receiving numerous requests for teaching material for education for democracy. In order to begin responding to this demand without delay, it seemed useful on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Associated Schools Project to collect, analyse, publish and circulate same examples of educational activities carried out successfully by institutions participating in the project throughout the world. This book gives an idea of the experimental work carried out recently by some Associated Schools in different parts of the world.

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