Power –Sharing Systems: Theoretical Approaches and Case Studies
Tamirace Fakhoury

Power –Sharing Systems: Theoretical Approaches and Case Studies
A Conference Report
Tamirace Fakhoury – Muhlbacher

“The power-sharing model has been linked to plural, segmented, and deeply divided societies in which linguistic, economic, racial, ethnic, or religious dividing lines have threatened the rise of a stable democracy. Despite its various advantages, the model has been criticized for various reasons”………


Theorising Consociationalism
Democracy by Negotiation: West-Middle European Experiences
The Swiss Formula Revisited
A Borderline Case: Malaysia – A Consociational Democracy?
Revisiting the Lebanese Formula
Can an Imposed System Work? The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Sharing Power? The Case of Iraq
An Alternative to Power-Sharing – Depoliticizing Ethnicity in South Africa
Defusing Communalism: The Case of India
Round Table: Sharing or Changing Power?
Appendix: Participants

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