Democrats without Democracy?
Helga Dickow

Democrats without Democracy?
Attitudes and opinions on society, religion and politics in Chad
Helga Dickow

In collaboration with Petra Bauerle

“Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world: 80% of its population lives below the poverty line. Since independence, it has known virtually only authoritarian government and civil war. A part from the occasional negative headline, such as the three-year captivity of Francoise claustre, a French archaeologist held in the Tibesti Mountains in the mid-1970s, the world paid little attention to Chad”…….


Forty-four years of struggle for power and unity
Remarks on Chad’s history and political system
French colony and independence
Short- lived democracy and civil wars
The democratic face of monocracy
From the second elections to constitutional reform

Power as seen by those who do not have it
Perceptions of political and civil society elites outside the inner circle
Chad – a democracy?
The impotence of the opposition
Dependent loyalty
Elections and referendums
The “Deby System”
Chances of changing the system?
Views of the political order after a change of power
The responsibility of the outside world
Perceptions of conflict
Too soon for democracy?

Unsharp social cleavages
Chadian attitudes and opinions on society, religion and politics
A survey in four cities: N’djamena, Sarh, Abeche and Mongo
Chadian society as reflected in the sample
Fear of the future, trust, caution and powerlessness: psychosocial attitudes
Social and economic perceptions
Religion, ethnicity and identity
Political orientations
Opinions on the political order
Perceptions of differences and coexistence
Life in the future


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