Under Article (5) of the International Agreement between the Lebanese Government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Centre for Human Sciences – Byblos pursues the mission of enhancing academic research in the fields of humanities and social sciences, in collaboration with the Lebanese and regional universities, or any other specialized center around the globe. In this context, the Centre allocates scholarships for post-doctoral researches, as the researcher benefiting from the scholarship vows to present the results of its researches to the center for publication.

The Center has also collaborated with several researchers who meet the conditions mentioned, and stipulated by the International Agreement, in order to undertake studies compatible with its current concerns and interests related to democracy’s causes, principles and values, citizenship topics, citizenship education, good governance, human rights, political power justice, dialogue between religions and cultures, and other similar issues.

The International Centre for Human Sciences calls on its readers to check this page where the summaries of the undertaken studies, the required research topics and the application conditions are published.

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