Since 2002, the Byblos Autumn School gathers every year international fellows, lecturers, researchers and students on themes related to social sciences and scientifically look into all aspects of the issue, along with relevant experts, in a multidisciplinary fashion. The discussions relate to empirical notions, along with relevant social theories and studying in depth case studies, generally according to a comparative approach between different geographical areas and different working systems.

The objectives of the Byblos Autumn School are to keep alive a precious platform of academic dialogue on important contemporary issues relevant to social sciences, and thus encourage the methods of scientific debate among researchers and in particular students.

The Byblos Autumn School also encourages a multidisciplinary approach to social sciences, inciting academics to exit their theoretical entrenchments and remain open to different points of views and different working methods in approaching an issue.

The efforts of this academic seminar are recorded in a publication that is edited by the CISH, to serve as an additional landmark in the human research and scientific process in Lebanon and the Arab World.

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