Board Members
Minister of Culture
The Lebanese Minister of Culture, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Costanza Farina
The Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Beirut and Representative of UNESCO to Lebanon and Syria as of March 18, 2021
Darina Saliba Abi Chedid
Professor in Public International Law & Political Science Director of the International Center for Human Sciences (CISH), UNESCO, Byblos
Adama Samassekou
Former Minister of Education. President of “The International Council for Philosophy and Humanities” and the head of the “Global Network for Linguistic Diversity” (Mali).
Antony Todorov
Researcher at the institute of Social History and Professor at the New Bulgarian University. Former Dean of the Faculty of Studies and Director of the Department of Political Science (Bulgaria).
Marcia Covarrubias
Former Ambassador for her country in Tunisia, Algeria, Greece and Morocco. Activist in the field of international, economic and political relations, human rights and gender issues. Holder of many medals from Greece, Morocco, Italy and UNESCO (Chile)
Layal Barakat Kallassy
Layal Barakat Kallassy is a Professor assistant at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, French literature department.
Seteney Shami
Seteney Shami has been founding director of the Arab Council of Social Science since January 2010.
Nada Abdelwahed Mneymneh
Dr. Nada Abdelwahed Mneymneh currently chairs the Lebanese Association for Educational Sciences (LAES).
Chongsuh Kim
Chongsuh Kim: is an emeritus professor of Religious Studies at Seoul National University and Chair of the Steering Committee of the 5th World Humanities forum.