The International Center for Human Sciences (CISH) – UNESCO, Byblos organized in partnership with Hanns Seidel stiftung and in collaboration with the Research and Strategic studies Center of the Lebanese Armed Forces, a round tables event entitled “A new concept of Human Security for a more secure future”. Experts in the field, lecturers, NGO founders and directors in addition to legal consultants, participated in the sessions that took place on August 11 and 12, 2022.
Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, Director of (CISH) – UNESCO, highlighted during her speech the importance of human security and the significant efforts displayed by the Lebanese Armed Forces to preserve this security in Lebanon in spite of the scarcity of the resources. With that, the session began and the discussion panels led by experts started extensive dialogues concerning the new concept of human security for a more secure future.
On August 12, which was the second day of the conference and international youth day a panel of young participants was formed to allow them to share with the audience the opinions they formed about this subject based on their research. We believe in the innovative minds of young individuals and trust that they are capable of achieving a more secure future, if they were given the chance.
Last, General Bassem Al Ahmadieh on behalf of the Research and Strategic studies Center of the Lebanese Armed Forces honored Dr. Darina Abi Chedid by offering her a trophy in recognition of her efforts. In return, Dr. Abi Chedid showed her appreciation to their contribution by handing General Al Ahmadieh a trophy.
CISH-UNESCO would like to thank the participants and attendees, your presence and contributions were much appreciated. With your cooperation and dedication our center will remain a safe space to explore and discuss contemporary problems.


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