Seminar on “Online Learning during Covid Pandemic: Implications and solutions”

Being convinced that our concern to survive does not surpass our concern to preserve our humanity, the International Center for Human Sciences – UNESCO, Byblos organized on Thursday June 11 a seminar on online learning (Implications and solutions) at CISH, at the entrance to the old city, with the participation of the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Fadi Yarak and more than 15 public and private schools, both religious and secular.

CISH director, Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, initiated the dialogue after highlighting the results of a survey carried out by the Center. She addressed the concerns of the administrations and students as well as parents’ fears about the future of their children. The Director General presented the plan of the Ministry and its desire to strengthen cooperation. He also thanked the Center for its pioneering initiative, as the meeting is the first of its kind outside the offices of the Ministry. Additionally, he praised the commitment of the administration to all the internationally adopted prevention measures. Issues related to the logistical problems faced by schools, the psychological problems faced by students as well as the technical ones faced by teachers and parents were addressed. The Ministry has expressed its intention to fruitfully cooperate with school administrations, most of which have assured him that they are committed not to raise school fees, in addition to the initiative adopted by some to cancel the third tuition for the current academic year.
A specialized committee will submit recommendations to be published soon. The Ministry of Education has pledged to follow up on the matter, to take into consideration all recommendations, and address all concerns raised.

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