Scientific Committee
Dr. Maya El Hage
Professor in Translation and Linguistics at the Notre Dame University (NDU).
Dr. Mohammad Noureddine Affaya
Professor of Philosophy.
Dr. Patrice Vermeren
Emeritus professor of Philosophy at University of Paris 8, Doctor honoris causa at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Chile.
Dr. Belko Ouologuem
Teacher-Researcher at the Philosophy Department Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Letters and Human Sciences of Bamako (ULSHB).
Dr. Tarek El-Ariss
Professor in Comparative Literature, Middle Eastern Program at Darmouth College, Hanover, USA.
Dr. Aijarkyn kojobekova
Associate Professor, Spotlight Initiative Programme Analyst, UNW Women Kyrgyzstan.
Dr. Faouzia Charfi
Professor of Science at the University of Tunisia. Scientist, intellectual and politician, she was Minister of State for Education in 2011.
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